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We provide a real-time video monitoring service using surveillance camera systems from a central station that is monitored for up to 24 hours. Our trained and licensed surveillance operators continually search for suspicious activities, intruders, or hazardous situations. Using the latest technology, we provide the highest level of security for affordable prices.

Introducing Crime Guard Inc Thermal Body Temperature Scanner System

Crime Guard Inc Thermal Screening station, ask us about cost-saving remote monitoring and screening.

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Thermal Body Temperature Scanner

As we are getting ready to re-open many preventative measures must  be implemented
to limit the spread of Covid-19

Employers and Businesses must take proper steps to maintain a healthy environment.

“Higher temperatures are among the earliest symptoms of COVID-19”.

Crime Guard’s thermal imaging cameras will detect feverish individuals as they pass by a check station. The system will sound off alerts to inform security when it detects a possibly ill individual.

Security officers observe color variations on a screen or receive automatic alarms when an individual exhibits an elevated body temperature.

Security will direct persons with raised body temperatures to a separate location for additional screening.

Though security technology cannot prevent COVID-19 infections, it can reduce its spread.

Infrared screening technology provides a non-invasive and effective way to test passing crowds for the Coronavirus.

This is critical to re-open or keep open factories, buildings, construction sites, businesses, or facilities of any kind. Employees, Vendors, and visitors need their temperature checked to help in containment and prevention.

We believe that thermal body temperature scanner cameras and other technology will play an important role in the future” and it is a technology that will remain in place to help provide a better healthier environment for years to come.

Contact us for a free presentation of the Crime Guard’s Thermal Screening station, ask us about cost saving remote monitoring and screening.

“Installing this technology could save lives.”