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We provide a real-time video monitoring service using surveillance camera systems from a central station that is monitored for up to 24 hours. Our trained and licensed surveillance operators continually search for suspicious activities, intruders, or hazardous situations. Using the latest technology, we provide the highest level of security for affordable prices.

Secure Video Monitoring Service In Merced, CA

Security of commercial properties is essential 365 days of the year. Crime Guard Inc offers professional and modern IP surveillance systems, to keep a strict watch on peculiar events and respond with firmness to stop the crime from happening. Our modern I-Guard Surveillance Systems allow us to perform remote and live video monitoring, that comes adept with the latest technology. We do not wait for the crime to occur and the video to be used only as proof, rather our team spots crimes and acts upon it swiftly.

The potential intruders are alerted to step back and run away from the crime scene then and there. Danger alerts, audio commands are used to create a sense of fear amongst the criminals. The two-way audio security system installed with the highly intelligent cameras’ works effectively to save one’s property from vandalism, theft and big losses.

Why do you need Video Surveillance?

In commercial establishments, there are big investments involved. Even losses of important papers or documentation could put a business at stake. In busy work environments, there are many chances of miscreants walking in and speedily take away valuables. In such a scenario, one can’t wait for a crime to happen and later find out what happened. Quick response is required for the safety of any business. For instance, during corporate events and expos, there are higher risks involved when a variety of people are around. In those cases and scenarios, there must be a video surveillance team keeping a watch constantly on the attendees. Through this not only the crime can be averted, but the criminals could also be caught red-handed.

Crime Guard Inc provides video evidence to find out and prosecute criminals in the court of law. The premises are thoroughly monitored by putting cameras at strategic locations, that can outsmart the criminals and catch them with ease. Having a live monitoring system can instil confidence and strength in the owners’ or event managers to carry out their business activities seamlessly.

There is nothing better than staying prepared for the worse. It saves an individual from stress and encourages a safe and better working environment. The remote access services limit the need to physically monitor the corporate spaces. It is the best use of technology to safeguard both smaller and bigger offices.

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