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We provide a real-time video monitoring service using surveillance camera systems from a central station that is monitored for up to 24 hours. Our trained and licensed surveillance operators continually search for suspicious activities, intruders, or hazardous situations. Using the latest technology, we provide the highest level of security for affordable prices.

Video Surveillance Towers in Modesto

Video Surveillance Towers

Does the fear of theft at your commercial property give you sleepless nights? Considering, in that case, the losses could be humongous!! What if we tell you that there’s a system that could erase such fears by a greater extent! Exactly, that’s where we come into the picture to keep your commercial spaces safer with our solar power enabled video surveillance towers Modesto. Crime Guard Inc. provides a technologically developed video surveillance system that is monitored by our professional team with extensive experience of working in the safety and law-enforcement agencies.

Diligence, swiftness, and responsibility are the key takeaways from our work. We do not talk about protection by only placing the surveillance towers in your commercial establishment. Rather, we strategize to implement our audio and visual systems that spot the intruders with immediate effect and alert them of having been caught! The fear of the crime being spotted leaves the criminals with no choice other than vacating the property then and there. We work 24*7 and keep a stern watch on any unusual criminal activity underway. The remote video surveillance towers work at all times becoming the most favorable solution to electrical distribution and communication.

Communication towers and utility substations are vulnerable to theft and physical damage. The surveillance towers by Crime Guard Inc. stand the test of time by staying in direct communication with our surveillance team. In case, the miscreants do not get affected by the strict warnings and announcements, they stand a chance of getting held by our ground team; which gets notified as soon as any mischievous activity is seen building up. The patrolling service is something we take great pride in, as our team walks the talk in maintaining the safety of our client’s assets at all hours.

Quick detection of crime in the first second acts as a preventive method to avert it. Being in the business for 8 years, we have carried high levels of professionalism and not taken any project lightly. That’s also the reason why we have maintained 100% client retention since our inception.

Video surveillance towers in Modesto, in the State of California, are specifically designed to safeguard businesses. We want to ensure personalized security and stand firmly to our objectives. Our surveillance towers can be deployed in construction sites, exhibitions/sales events, car lots, etc. We offer purely custom-built safety solutions for our clients following the guidelines provided by them for their sites. Every location is different and requires a different safety approach. We fully acknowledge this fact and are driven to provide peace of mind to our clients. The strategic points limit any crime from going unseen. The criminals can’t get away from the eyes of our surveillance team.

The success of any outdoor event/activity is worth relishing given all the safety norms are followed to a tee. The essence of security and surveillance maintained by professional safety officers make experiences less stressful and more livable. Clients do not stay in the risk zone and can travel and leave their sites without any worries. We proudly say that your safety is our business! Our work so far is the testimony of the same.

Should you have any queries regarding the video surveillance towers in Modesto, call us right away at 1-833-400-0911. You can also write to us at At Crime Guard Inc. we are determined to create systems that safeguard your assets.

Video Surveillance Towers