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We provide a real-time video monitoring service using surveillance camera systems from a central station that is monitored for up to 24 hours. Our trained and licensed surveillance operators continually search for suspicious activities, intruders, or hazardous situations. Using the latest technology, we provide the highest level of security for affordable prices.

Ways In Which Live Video Monitoring Service Protects Your Business
March 17, 2021 0

When one thinks about live video monitoring services, one tends to think about how it has become a great tool for society, helping the perpetrators to get caught right in the middle of the act.

But what many tend to overlook is how the service takes care of a client’s all-around surveillance needs. Starting from implementation to installation, the tool has been serving commercial as well as residential clients for a long time.

The aspect that it meets the budget and the person’s requirement helps them detect threats so that apprehension can be found in minutes.

How do live video monitoring service protect your business?

The term is connected with the concept of providing a fast-paced solution by increasing the response time.

The proactive aspect of virtual monitoring and the amalgamation of different variations of advanced features make the detection of any malignancy easier in any field.

  • For Retails:

With the installation of live video monitoring services, it has become rather easy to reduce their losses by surveying the perimeter than any on-ground guard can do.

It increases the success rate, and the detection of shoplifters or unfaithful employees becomes accurate with passing the time. Tracing the perpetrators using the recorded events will add credibility to the whole event.

  • For a car dealership:

A study has shown that every 44 seconds, a car is being stolen. Vehicles have always been a popular target for thieves, making the aspect of increasing security more serious than ever.

The video surveillance services’ installation will give the car dealership industry the added edge. The caretaker can easily be put to his guards by analysing the suspicious behaviour recorded in the video. It will deter crime in the truest sense.

  • For construction:

The materials and equipment for the construction site are heavy and often stored outside the construction zone.

The face of placing valuable objects outside not only makes the whole thing more vulnerable but increases the likelihood of it getting damaged and gone. That is why one needs to install the surveillance services.

To strengthen your protection services, incorporate security guard services, vehicle patrol services, and live video monitoring services with the help of Crime Guard Inc. Our IP surveillance system will enhance real-time video monitoring accuracy with multiple folds, creating a sense of presence. Our advanced technology will let you control your surroundings from the comfort of your chair without worrying about living your shift. Contact us at 18334000911 to know more about our services.