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We provide a real-time video monitoring service using surveillance camera systems from a central station that is monitored for up to 24 hours. Our trained and licensed surveillance operators continually search for suspicious activities, intruders, or hazardous situations. Using the latest technology, we provide the highest level of security for affordable prices.

Mind-boggling Reasons To Install Live Video Monitoring System Now
April 15, 2021 0

Your firm’s overall safety and your humble abode is not a matter that should be taken lightly. However, video surveillance and live monitoring procedures have bolstered the security system to the next level. While Many Have Shifted Towards Taking The Help Of A Live Video Monitoring System For Security And Protection Purposes, Many Feel The Expenses Aren’t Justified, Nonetheless, We Will Share With You Several Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Yourself The Monitoring System That Is Worth Every Penny…  

Reason to choose live video monitoring service

  • Increased safety:

With the help of the posited security camera, you will prevent crimes and break-ins in your place of business. A study has shown that a business place is four times more likely to be burglarized than homes, making it very important for you to consider Installing the surveillance system.

  • Prevention of shoplifting and theft:

As we have mentioned above, it has been suggested that business places are more likely to be robbed compared to apartments; nonetheless, an accurate study has shown that 64% of small businesses prove to attract thieves.

Nationally, the business loses up to $33,000 every minute to shoplifting, theft, and many occurrences like this. The help of live monitoring and advanced application of face recognition will help you spot the burglar.

  • Prevention of fraud:

Typically, an organization, be it a larger one or a smaller one, can lose up to 5% of the whole revenue to frauds. With the help of the system, one can undertake them by reading their body language.

  • No employee theft:

Video surveillance can put a stop to employee theft. It has been said that 80% of the time, thefts have occurred in organizations with less than 100 employees. So adding beneficiary elements such as surveillance systems may bolster the security.

  • Improves customer safety:

The perception related to the concern for customer safety is an essential aspect of any business. The presence of a security camera showcases that you intend to safeguard the customer’s rights and show that you intend to improve your safety for the sale of them. Though the installation process may cost comparatively high, it will significantly affect your industry for the longer term. To strengthen the security system by including advanced technical assistance, hire us, Crime Guard Inc, to install the live video monitoring system. We will bolster your security for customers and employees with our exceptional security services