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We provide a real-time video monitoring service using surveillance camera systems from a central station that is monitored for up to 24 hours. Our trained and licensed surveillance operators continually search for suspicious activities, intruders, or hazardous situations. Using the latest technology, we provide the highest level of security for affordable prices.

Benefits Of Live Video Monitoring Services In Merced
January 21, 2021 0

Benefits of Live Video Monitoring Services in Merced

The registering number of cases for break-in or dealt with property destruction is pretty common and usual these days. If you’ve ever been surprised with these events, you aren’t alone. Looking for a culprit or identifying a suspect once the crime is committed need a reactive approach which requires solid evidence. And video can be taken in account to discuss and efficiently find the sequence of a particular event.

Live video monitoring services in Merced have been seen proactive and appealed against protecting their clients from thefts or other incidence to prevent them from happening. All other benefits are secondary besides security of the individuals. It is necessary for changing a reactive surveillance plan into proactive security solution. For a property owner live security camera monitoring is like a gem to get alerts at the moment something suspicious happens. You can a clear shot of the person’s face, license plate, vehicle, or some other prominently identifying feature.

Below are the more benefits video monitoring services offers:

No Breaks

We all know it just takes a coffee or bathroom break of a sleeping, distracted guard to allow an exploit to a perimeter security plan. Whereas digital security guards monitor closely and even when they take a break their advanced software detects and notifies anything that might be missed.

Increased Property Coverage

Security video monitoring systems use cameras equipped with remote technology, remote guards may view multiple feeds from their centralised station. It helps covering the wider and seeing potential threats from different angles. This allows response or rescue teams to take responsible actions such as cutting off exits by tracking their movements and more.

At Crime Guard Inc, we not only guide you for the best possible mediums you can opt for, but also ensure you’re secure through their services and team of Video Monitoring Services experts in Merced.